The Mosaic Collection (and a coupon code)

Mosaic Collection Cover copy

If you’ve been following my blog lately, you’ll know that I’ve recently designed a series of mosaic stitch baby blankets. I’ve put all the patterns together and have published an e-book. The book contains seven patterns with lots of photos and several charts to help you knit these modern baby designs. As a thank you for my blog readers, I have a coupon code for you! Enter the code BGBLOG20 on Ravelry to receive a 20% discount on the e-book. The code expires on December 31, 2018 so if you stumble across this blog any time in 2018, you’ll be able to use the coupon code 🙂 You can purchase the e-book here.

If you only want to make one of the designs, the patterns can be purchased separately. Please note the coupon code is valid for the e-book only. The following patterns are included in the e-book:

  1. Pandorica Blanket
  2. Lazarus Blanket
  3. Gridlock Blanket
  4. Utopia Blanket
  5. Amelia Blanket
  6. Hello, Sweetie Blanket
  7. Lazarus Pillow Cover

I hope you enjoy this book, and as always please post your projects on Ravelry or tag #bubblegirlknits on Instagram 🙂

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DSC_2215 copyGridlock is the final design in my Mosaic Collection of knitting patterns. This one is fairly simple and only includes written instructions, as no chart is necessary. I love the checkerboard effect of this pattern. It is written for 3 colours, but you can use only 2 colours or as many as you want, as I did with my rainbow version.  If you’d like to knit this baby blanket, the pattern is available to purchase on Ravelry. There is a link to the projects notes for the rainbow version of the blanket on the pattern page. As always, please post your projects on Ravelry or tag them with #bubblegirlknits on Instagram so I can see your lovely work 🙂

DSC_2631 copyDSC_2637 copy

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Hello, Sweetie

DSC_2491 copy

Hello, Sweetie is another baby blanket design in my Mosaic Collection. If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, you’ll know I named this blanket after River Song. All the designs in my Mosaic Collection are named after something from Doctor Who. The pattern in this blanket appears to be a series of repeating circles, but when you look closely, they are made up of tiny squares. Not what they seem…just like River Song.



Like most of my patterns, this one includes written instructions as well as 2 charts, one the reverse of the other if you want to reverse the colours from the sample. Mosaic stitch patterns are much easier to knit than stranded colour work, but this one is a bit more intricate than my other designs. It’s not difficult, but does require a bit of concentration.

If you’d like to knit this blanket, you can purchase the pattern here. If you do, please post your project on Ravelry so I can see your beautiful work!


DSC_2484 copy

DSC_2482 copy

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DSC_2408 copy

Meet Amelia, the next design in My Mosaic Collection. I think the repeating pattern resembles tiny flowers and is so pretty. This blanket is the prefect size for the stroller or car, but if you’d like to make it bigger, the stitch repeat is stated in the pattern so you can determine how many stitches to cast on. Using a mosaic stitch, only one colour is worked in each row with slip stitches creating the colour pattern. Written instruction and 2 charts are also included. If you’d like to make this blanket, you cam purchase the pattern here. Don’t forget to post your projects to ravelry and tag #bubblegirlknits on Instagram 🙂


DSC_2402 copy

DSC_2399 copy

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DSC_2358 copyHere is another design in my Mosaic Collection. The Utopia Baby Blanket knitting pattern is a mosaic stitch design comprised of a series of repeating diamonds. I love how the colours I chose contrast so well. This sample was knit with Cascade 220 Superwash in Winter White and Colonial Blue. I wanted the dark blue to be the more prominent colour, but if you’d rather have the white be more prominent, it’s easy to switch the colours because a reverse chart is included with the pattern. As with my other mosaic stitch patterns, there are written instructions plus charts included, and you can choose to follow whichever method you prefer. I hope you like this design as much as I do 🙂 Remember to post your projects to Ravelry and tag them on instagram with #bubblegirlknits. I’d love to see them!


DSC_2353 copy

DSC_2363 copy

DSC_2356 copy



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Lazarus Blanket and Pillow Cover


DSC_2089 copyHere is the second design in my Mosaic Collection, the Lazarus Baby Blanket. As stated in my last post, I am obsessed with mosaic stitch knitting. This one is a fairly simple pattern with only an 8 stitch repeat that would be a good start for someone wanting to try colour work or mosaic stitch.  Like with my Pandorica Baby Blanket pattern, this pattern includes written instructions, along with 2 charts…one being the reverse of the other. Again, I knit this with Cascade 220 Superwash yarn, this time in Winter White and Celestial. DSC_2083 copy

DSC_2081 copy

I really liked the look of this pattern, and I though it would be great as a pillow cover so I designed one as well. The Lazarus Pillow Cover is reversible and has a button closure, allowing the pillow form to be removed. It is designed for a 12″ x 12″ pillow form, but is made 1 inch smaller so the pillow is nice and puffy. You will need 6 (14mm) buttons. I used white buttons I had already, but you could really jazz it up with some beautiful metal buttons. You can knit both sides the same, or reverse them as I did. I switched my Colour A and Colour B to reverse the pattern on one of the sides. There are 2 charts to help make reversing the colours easier. If you decide to make either of these designs, please post your projects on Raverly. I’d love to see them!

DSC_2433 copyDSC_2436a copyDSC_2428 copyDSC_2430

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I’m Back!

Well, hello there! It’s been a long time since my last post…five years, in fact. I’ve been off  learning photography and am now a professional photographer, specializing in fine art and nature. I became a member of The Professional Photographers of Canada 3 years ago and have earned 4 accreditations, in nature, animal, botanical, and fine art photography. Even though I’ve been focusing my efforts on photography, I haven’t lost my love for knitting.

DSC_1987 copy

Pandorica Blanket mosaic stitch pattern.

After finding a blanket pattern on Ravelry that uses mosaic stitch, I’ve been obsessed with that stitch. If you’ve never heard of mosaic stitch knitting, it’s a method of knitting with more than one colour without having to do colour changes within the row you’re knitting. The colour changes are made by slipping stitches from the row below. Genius, really…but there are very specific situations where mosaic stitch will work. This makes it a bit tricky when designing patterns using this method. I love the effect mosaic stitch has so much, so I’ve been busy designing patterns using it. I’m calling them my “Mosaic Collection”, and so far I’ve published 3 patterns, with another one currently on the needles, and one waiting in the wings.

The thing I love about mosaic patterns is seeing the pattern form while you knit. Depending on the colours you choose, your project can look quite different than the one in the pattern. I always like to have a light colour and a dark colour to really show off the pattern. If you use two colours that are close together in colour the pattern formed will be much less visible. It can be a bit confusing trying to figure out how to make the project look how you want. This is what I found when I knit my first mosaic project. It took some time to figure out how to designate my colours. Is Colour A light, or is it dark to produce the look I want? Hopefully my patterns remove that confusion. Along with written instructions, almost all my pattern include 2 charts…one with Colour A light and Colour B dark, and one the reverse, with Colour A dark and Colour B light. It can help to see the pattern in reverse to decide which way you’d like to make your project. Also, when I read a chart, I prefer when the dark squares represent the dark yarn. It can be a bit confusing reversing that in your head.

DSC_2002 copy

Pandorica Blanket

The first pattern in my collection is called the Pandorica Blanket.  I used Cascade 220 Superwash yarn in Winter White and Charcoal. I chose not to make an edging on the blanket, but did include 3 edging options in the pattern. Two skeins of each colour were used. I had just enough of the charcoal, so be sure to check your gauge to ensure you’ll have enough yarn. There was quite a bit of white leftover to make the edging if you choose to do so. I blocked the blanket before measuring gauge. The finished blanket measures 25″ X 30″ after blocking. You can certainly make it bigger, the stitch repeat is included in the pattern.


DSC_1997 copy

Pandorica Blanket

DSC_1998 copy

Close up of stitches.

DSC_2000 copy

Yarn carried up the side with no decorative edging.


I hope you try this pattern, and add your project on Ravelry so I can see them!

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