Happy Birthday, Mocha

Although I should have been catching up on bookkeeping to prepare my taxes, I spent this morning attending a birthday party in my soon to be 9 year old son’s room. You see, one of his webkinz, Mocha the puppy is celebrating a birthday. My kids have nearly a hundred webkinz, so I don’t know why this one in particular is so special that it deserves a party.

If you don’t know about webkinz, they are plush toys that come with a code that can be entered on the webkinz website. There the toys live in a virtual world, and are adopted by the owners. Each pet’s adoption certificate lists its birthday among other things. My kids will play in this virtual world for a while, but it’s the plush toys that take up most of their time. They create there own worlds with them…they’ve had webkinz school, webkinz Tim Horton’s, even a webkinz Biggest Loser where they make their own treadmills out of recycled boxes.

So today was Mocha’s birthday party. My son spent some of his allowance to buy decorations at the dollar store, and he made up games, had music, snacks, and even made a play cake. I must say, it was much a much more enjoyable experience than finishing my bookkeeping from last year.

My son made this birthday banner himself.

One of the games we played, "Pin the glasses on Plumpy".

My two webkinz, Bubbles and Betsy (yes, I have my own webkinz) sharing a snack.

The birthday boy dancing with Noelle, my daughter's peppermint puppy.

Time for cake!

Everyone had fun!

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