Some more Joyous recipes

I tried a few more recipes from Joy McCarthy’s blog today and they were deeelish!! Today’s lunch was a yummy bowl of kale, sweet potatoes and quinoa. You can check out the recipe on Joy’s blog here.


I also made some delicious chocolate avocado pudding. I decided to use it as a dip for my afternoon snack of apple slices instead of the usual peanut butter. Can you imagine if I mixed them together? I think I might just do that tomorrow for a kind of a peanut butter cup taste experience.

Super yummy snack.

Oh, and my kids loved the pudding too. Now, I just have to get them to like sweet potatoes…


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2 Responses to Some more Joyous recipes

  1. kidpics655 says:

    no sweet potatos for me please! Eggy will do anything for something with the word sweet in it even if it means leaving her sweet tooth left behind!

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