Days 10 thru 18 #photoadayMay

Day 10 – a favourite word. Bazinga: “A catchy phrase to accompany your clever pranks as popularized by Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)”.

Day 11 – kitchen. We gave our kitchen a facelift last year. These are the before and after pics. I always hated those pinkish cabinets even though we chose them when the house was built. They looked much different in the design centre.


Day 12 – something that makes you happy. Getting paid…shallow, but honest. After struggling for a while, it’s nice to have a steady income. Love the cool new fifties too!


Day 13 – mum. We haven’t changed much, have we?


Day 14 – grass.


Day 15 – love. Me and my girl…chipped nail polish and all.


Day 16 – what you’re reading. The boy I babysit had very little interest in reading before I pulled this off the shelf. It’s interactive and really gets the kids involved. We read it almost every day 🙂


Day 17 – snack. My favourite after dinner snack.


Day 18 – something you made. This is one of my entries in the Mary Maxim Afghan Design contest. I’m submitting 2 baby blankets.This is a pretty basic design, but the other one is like a patchwork quilt with pink flowers. I’m still working on that one 🙂


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