Days 19 thru 31 #photoadayMay

Here is the remainder of May’s photos.

Day 19 – a favourite place. I worked here for 11 years, met my husband here, and made friends who were, and still are like family. I really miss this place…especially the people ♥

Day 20 – something you can’t live without. Other than the obvious, my family…it’s electricity. I did without it for 24 hours during the big blackout of 2003 and it was hell! No lights, no tv, no computer or internet, no refrigeration, and eventually no phone.

Day 21 – where you stand. At the kitchen sink…sometimes it feels like I’m here all day.

Day 22 – pink. My ugly pink crocs. I always leave these by the back door in case I need to run out quickly…even in the snow.

Day 23 – technology. It still floors me how easy it is for my kids to possess the music they love. I used to have to wait until the weekend and hope that my mom would take me to the mall so I could buy a record. Now, my kids ask me for a song and in less than 5 minutes it’s been downloaded onto their computer and transferred to their SD cards to play on their DS…no iPods for them, yet. Oh, the Adele album…that was for me, lol.

Day 24 – something new. The start of a new day.

Day 25 – unusual. From my teenage years…Cyndi Lauper’s debut album, “She’s So Unsual”. Yes kids, this is a record.

Day 26 – 12 o’clock. I love my kitchen clock!

Day 27 – something sweet.


Day 28 – today’s weather. Remnants of the early morning thunderstorm we awoke to.


Day 29 – a number. Our house number.

Day 30 – your personality. Panicky. Not in an actual crisis like when one of my kids has a 104F fever or splits their lip open and needs stitches…then I’m calm, rational and can deal with the situation. But I do suffer from panic attacks. Not as often as I used to…mostly while driving at night, which is why I tend to avoid doing that, lol.


Day 31 – something beautiful. I was originally going to choose flowers for today, but my son suggested I should post a photo of his sister because she’s beautiful. I thought that was so sweet ♥ I took this photo of my daughter a couple of years ago, it’s one of my favourites.

I look forward to June’s challenge!


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