Spring is almost here

I know it’s still February, but spring is just around the corner. Looking through my Brooklin Girl shop, I’m loving all the spring colours….lime green, lilac, robin’s egg blue, turquoise, hot pink, yellow, and tangerine.

Pretty lilac scalloped coasters.



Lime green and turquoise dishcloths.



Robin's egg blue round coasters.

And speaking of spring, we have our annual spring fair here in Brooklin on the first weekend in June. The Brooklin Spring Fair is 101 this year! A great thing about this local fair is the Homecraft competition. There are categories for baking, sewing, knitting (yay!),  crocheting (yay!), photography, and a bunch of categories just for kids. Last year was the first time our family participated in the home craft competition and we had so much fun. The prizes are small, just a few dollars…it’s all about the bragging rights.

My daughter, six at the time, had one entry in the cupcake category. She didn’t win, but she got a ribbon and was excited to participate.


My son entered a photo of his “pet” snail and came in second…we thought he should have placed first, of course.

I entered my bread, which I think was brave because I was new to bread baking. I don’t think I did too bad either…

And finally, my little stuffed knitted monsters came if first place, yay!

I also entered a baby blanket that didn’t place at all. So, I’m already thinking about what I’m going to submit for this year’s fair. The entry forms will be available in the next few weeks, so I better hurry up.

I was thinking about this square afghan in soft blue and green, it’s from a Lion Brand pattern.

Or maybe in pink and yellow…I haven’t decided yet. I know for sure that I want to make an afghan for the crocheted afghan category that I got from Mary Maxim. I just started it this past weekend and I hoping to have it done in the time for the fair.

I have a long way to go...

I’ll post more pics as the afghan progresses 🙂





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